TitleAre you alone and lost, my friend?2022-01-13 14:13
Name Level 10

Are you alone and lost, my friend?

Deep within you, all filled with pain?

Nothing to gain? Nothing to long for?

No one to help you when you fall?

Then let me tell you this, my friend,

Now you don’t have to search for

something more,

Jesus’s the One, He can be your all,

Receive Him and you will know.

And He will be your King, your God,

your Friend,

Your Hope, your Strength;

And you will be His love from now till aye,

Eternal, loving pair…


Oh what a joy! Oh what a rest!

He is the Hope in me,

There’s nothing else I will seek.

He’s all I need. (Glory, Hallelujah!)

Oh what a joy! Oh what a rest!

He’s working now in me,

Hallelujah! To bring me into glory!


Oh, wonderful Jesus we have,

He will love us until the end,

Although we fail, He’s still there to care,

To bring us on from day to day;

Rise up, brothers! Rejoice, sisters!

Throughout our days, we will sing to His praise,

We’ll never stop calling on His name,

Lord Jesus, the sweetest name.

Jesus, He is my King, my God, my Friend,

My Hope, my Strength;

And I will love and treasure Him for aye,

Eternal, loving pair…